Wearable payment band
Activate your HOVA


Activation is only a few steps away...

Life and access to your money will never be the same. Just a few important steps lay ahead, and then there's the fun stuff!

Activate the magic of HOVA

Your new HOVA has arrived and needs activation, just like any other card. To do this, head to your Mobile Banking App or Heritage Online and follow the quick steps below. Make sure you have the letter that just fell out of the pack too, it has your HOVA's key details and you'll need those.

  • Keep your letter handy - it contains the card number and expiry date unique to your HOVA
  • You'll also need your internet banking login details
  • Activate in your Mobile Banking App - Once logged in, go to Manage Cards from the home screen or in the ☰ menu. Find your HOVA band and tap to view card settings. Select Activate Card and follow the prompts. 
  • Activate in Heritage Online - Once logged in, go to the Services menu and select 'Activate my Card'. Select your HOVA card number from the drop down list, enter the expiry date (MM/YY) and then click activate.

How do I get a HOVA?

HOVA is exclusive to Heritage Bank. In order to receive a HOVA, you will need to open an eligible Heritage transaction account at your local branch or call our Contact Centre on 13 14 22. This is a limited promotional campaign so there is limited stock available.

How does HOVA work?

HOVA uses the same contactless payment technology as Visa debit cards, with a chip securely inserted inside. Simply hold your HOVA within four centimetres of the contactless terminal for more than half a second to trigger payment. HOVA can be used wherever Visa payWave is accepted, in Australia or overseas, and is backed by Visa’s Zero Liability Policy#. Transactions over $100 require a PIN.

Do I need to load HOVA with funds?

No. HOVA is linked to your Heritage everyday transaction account and operates as a Visa Debit card. Provided you have money in your everyday transaction account, your HOVA will be able to access this balance. At account opening, you will also receive a Visa Debit card, in addition to your HOVA so you have the flexibility of a card device too.

What if my HOVA is lost or stolen?

If your HOVA is lost or stolen, you can immediately lock it through the Heritage Mobile Banking App. You can also cancel it through the App, however please be aware that due to the limited number of devices a replacement HOVA is not available. That means if you break, damage or lose your HOVA, we are unable to issue a replacement.

Will HOVA fit my wrist?

Really want a HOVA but not sure it will fit your wrist? Don't fret! The below image shows the adjustable sizing of the band when secured at its largest and smallest wrist circumferences.

Is there a warranty on the HOVA band?

No. If your HOVA breaks or malfunctions during the limited time campaign, we are unable to issue a replacement.

Is the HOVA band waterproof?

Yes. Keep in mind though that it is made of a silicone material so avoid stretching or pulling on it too aggressively.

Are there any transaction fees for using HOVA?

These transactions use the “Credit” selection automatically and in this case, Heritage will not charge a transaction fee. Refer to our Fees and Limits Guide for detailed information.

Does HOVA have terms and conditions?

The HOVA and its use are governed by the Guide to Heritage Products. Use of the band indicates acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined in the guide under the Cards section. You can obtain a copy of the guides at heritage.com.au/brochures

Can I accidentally pay for something at the register with my HOVA?

There is no need to worry about accidently using your HOVA – it needs to be within 4cm of the contactless reader for more than half a second, after the merchant has initiated the transaction. 

Can I make online purchases with HOVA?

No. As the HOVA does not have a CCV you will not be able to use it to make online purchases. 

Can I link HOVA to my business account?

No. HOVA is only able to be linked to one personal transaction account. 

Can I still have a Card and Mobile Wallet along with HOVA?

Yes you can. HOVA is simply another payment device option that you can use to access funds on your Heritage account. You will automatically receive a card and you can set up your wallet in the Heritage Mobile Banking App or in the wallet app on your phone/ watch. For a list of mobile wallets we support, see our Ways to Bank page.

Can I use HOVA for transactions over $100?

Yes, as long as you’ve set a PIN. You can set one up inside Heritage Online. Simply log into Heritage Online and under the Services menu, click on Change Pin on Card then select the Card number from the drop down options for your HOVA. If you need assistance with this, or prefer to set it up over the phone, please call us on 13 14 22.

Can someone else use my band?

Same as any Visa product, this device should only be used by the person the device has been issued to. If you notice any unauthorised transactions, lock your HOVA in your Mobile Banking App and contact Heritage immediately. 

Does HOVA have an expiry date?

Yes it does. Each HOVA is issued with a 3 year expiry date. The specific expiry date for your HOVA is noted on the letter included in the pack with your HOVA device. 

Is HOVA secure?

Your new HOVA is backed by Visa's Zero Liability Policy# and is as secure as any other Visa chip card. Visa's Zero Liability Policy# covers Australian and New Zealand issued cards and does not apply to ATM transactions, transactions not processed by Visa or certain commercial and card transactions. 

Is there a daily limit for spending with HOVA?

The HOVA has a $10,000 domestic and $3,000 international daily limit, like a normal Visa Debit card. 

What can I do if my HOVA band stops working?

Call our Contact Centre on 13 14 22. As the HOVA is a limited production device, replacements are not available if staff are unable to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

Where can I use my wearable payment band?

Your HOVA can be used wherever Visa payWave is accepted, in Australia or overseas. Any fees associated with your Heritage account still apply.