Kids bank accounts

Getting your child involved in banking is important

Establishing good spending and saving habits plays an important role in creating a great foundation for your child’s lifelong relationship with money and banking. We know the importance of helping your family reach their financial dreams, and that includes the dreams of your children – even if they aren’t aware of them yet!

Heritage Bank’s Target Bonus Account for kids has no monthly account keeping fees and the ability to earn a bonus interest rate above the normal rate for every month you make at least one deposit and no withdrawals^.

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How to open a kids bank account with Heritage

  1. Download this form and get started on the application now.
  2. You will need to have the correct identification prepared to open the account. See the form to find out what you’ll need.
  3. Visit your local branch or phone 13 14 22 and ask our friendly staff to help you open a Kid’s Target Bonus Account.

What identification is needed?

  Children under 12 years

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  Children over 12 years but under 18 years

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  Accounts being opened as part of a school banking program

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Do I need to provide my own I.D. when opening an account for my child?

A parent or guardian will need to provide identification if they are the authorised signatory for an account (this is a requirement for children 11 years and under). Identification details can be found on the back page of the Application for Youth Account Form.

Guide to setting up your child's bank account

 Introduce banking to your child

 Discuss what your child’s account is to be used for

 Set up a kids bank account in-branch or by calling 13 14 22

 Motivate your child to save

Tip for kids: use our easy Pocket Money Tracker to keep track of what you've been earning and saving.

Kids’ stuff

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