Heritage Bank did not make political donation

The LNP has lodged an amendment to the Electoral Commission of Queensland acknowledging that Heritage Bank did not make a $10,000 donation to the party in 2014, CEO Peter Lock has confirmed today.


Mr Lock said the LNP had wrongly recorded Heritage as the donor, when in fact the donation had simply been made using a cheque book issued by Heritage.


“The accusation that we made a donation to the LNP is totally incorrect,” Mr Lock said.


“The LNP has lodged an amendment to its register of political donations with the Electoral Commission of Queensland, and this will be updated soon.


“It’s unfortunate that an administrative error like this has resulted in us being falsely accused of political bias.


“We are absolutely an apolitical organisation and do no support one side of politics over another. We do not and will not make political donations.”


Mr Lock also clarified that Heritage had not requested that the ALP stop using the “Putting people first” slogan altogether.


“We never asked the ALP to stop using the phrase altogether,” he said.


“Our request was that the ALP not use it when talking about financial services, or in a way that might suggest an association between the ALP and Heritage.


“We are very protective of our brand and believe our requests are reasonable.


“We would have liked the opportunity to talk further with the ALP about our requests, but unfortunately we have not been given that chance


“We remain more than happy to talk to them about that.”


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