Moving To A New House While Keeping Your Old House

Let us help you with the process of purchasing a new house while keeping your old one as an investment.

Moving into a new home while keeping your existing property is a big step in growing your investment portfolio, so it’s important you have the best support team around you when it comes to financing your properties. While you’ll be busy moving house, there’ll be the added work of preparing your existing property for tenants and getting tenants into the property. When it comes to financing your new property while keeping your existing property there’s a number of options to consider.  Find out how we can help fit a loan for you today.
How we can help

100% Offset Account

Take a look at our Mortgage Crusher account that offers 100% offset with convenient access to your money. 

Landlord Insurance
Protect your investment property and landlord’s contents from insured events such as theft, fire, storm and malicious damage.
Financial Planning
Whether you are at the beginning of your working life, planning to expand your family, or are established and looking towards retirement, professional financial advice can make a difference.