Answers to our frequently asked questions are available from the categories below.  Looking for more help?  Contact us on 13 14 22.

  General FAQs

 Can a Heritage loans officer come to my home?

 Does Heritage offer insurance?

 How do I apply for a credit card, personal loan or home loan with Heritage?

 How do I contact Heritage if I have a query or complaint?

 I cannot locate my local Heritage branch. Where do I find it?

 What are the operating hours for the Contact Centre?

 What products does Heritage offer?

 Where is the closest ATM?

 What has happened to my Pay Anyone Password?

 How do I add a new Heritage or Inter-bank Payee (a new transfer destination)?

 How do I view my Visa Authorisations or my Payments in Advance/Loan Details?

  Internet Banking

 How can I view and print more transactions?

 I’ve forgotten my Heritage online password! Help!

 I’ve forgotten my Pay Anyone password! Help!

 What is the Pay Anyone feature?

 My Heritage online session logs me out after 10 minutes. Why does it do this and can I change it?

 What is the virtual keyboard on the login page, and why do I need to use it?

 How much can I transfer using online banking?

 Can I view my BSB online?

 Can I transfer funds overseas using online banking?

 Why can't I view or download eStatements?

 Am I able to download transactions to an external financial software package using Heritage online?

 Are there any fees charged for using Heritage online?

 Can I access 24-hour banking overseas?

 Which accounts can I access using Heritage online?

 When can I use Heritage online?

 If I use Heritage online for my business banking, what benefits are there?

 What measures can I put in place to keep my internet banking secure?

 How do I register for Heritage online?

  Mobile Banking

Card Management Feature

 What is the Card Management Feature for?

 How do I access the Card Management Feature?

 How do I activate a card using the Heritage Bank app?

 My card has been lost, stolen or damaged. Can I report this using the Heritage Bank app?

Mobile Banking

 What exactly is Heritage Mobile Banking?

 Do I need to register to use Heritage Mobile Banking or the Heritage Mobile App?

 Is using Heritage Mobile Banking secure?

 Why can I only view up to 100 transactions on my accounts?

 When viewing my transactions, why can’t I see a running balance of the account?

 Can I perform a transfer to a new Heritage/Inter-bank payee?

 Can I schedule transfers/BPAYs to happen in the future?

 Can I view Visa Authorisations on my Visa card?

 Can I switch to other memberships I have?

Fingerprint Login

 Is Fingerprint Login secure?

 What is Fingerprint Login?

 What kind of devices does Fingerprint Login work on?

 How do I setup Fingerprint Login?

 How do I login with my fingerprint?

 Can more than one person’s fingerprint be registered to the device?

 Is the same fingerprint that unlocks the device able to access the Mobile Banking app?

 Where is my fingerprint stored?

 How does Heritage Bank know that it’s my fingerprint?

 My fingerprint is registered on my device but the app doesn’t recognise it.

 Will I be locked out of the Heritage Mobile Banking app if I can’t scan my fingerprint?

 How do I know if my device is a compatible?

 I have a compatible device, but Fingerprint Login is not showing in my app settings?

 What happens if my phone is lost or stolen?

 What if I have an unauthorised transaction when Fingerprint Login is active?

 I don’t want Fingerprint Login, how do I turn it off?

 Will I lose my 4-digit PIN when I register for Fingerprint Login?

 Can I remove fingerprints already enrolled on my device without affecting Fingerprint Login?

 Can I remove fingerprints already enrolled on my device without affecting Fingerprint Login?

  SMS Services

 What is SMS Security?

 What is a One Time Password?

 Who can request SMS Security?

 How do I register for SMS Security?

 Can I use SMS Security anywhere in Australia and overseas?

 What has happened to my Pay Anyone Password?

 How do I add a new Heritage or Inter-bank Payee (a new transfer destination)?

 I tried to add a new payee but did not receive an SMS with the OTP, what do I do now?

 Why can’t I use my mobile on more than one member number for SMS Account Enquiries?

 I am a signatory on an account, but my mobile number is not appearing for SMS security?

 Why is it that I cannot use a non-Australian mobile for SMS banking?

 I don’t have a mobile/Australian mobile, or cannot get mobile reception

 How can I go back to Pay Anyone with a Password?

 I am receiving SMS messages that seem to relate to my Heritage accounts but they are being sent from 13 66 33, which is not the number I usually receive them from

* Based on a $150,000 loan over 25 years. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate.