Target Bonus

Earn bonus interest when you make regular deposits and no withdrawals with a Heritage Target Bonus Account. 


When you add our Target Bonus savings account to our Simply Access transaction account you get rewarded with a bonus interest rate each month you make a deposit (and no withdrawals) into our Target Bonus savings account. Some of the benefits of having a Target Bonus account are:

  • Earn a bonus interest rate above our normal rate for every month you make at least one deposit, and no withdrawals
  • $0 account keeping fees
  • $0 transaction fees
  • eStatements available
  • Free internet and phone banking
  • Backed by the Government Deposit Guarantee for deposits up to $250,000

Interest Rate
$1 or more
bonus rate (bonus interest will be applied to all balances if at least one deposit and no withdrawals are made)
flat rate interest rate calculated on daily balances and paid monthly.
Rates Effective From 01/12/2020


 Monthly Account Keeping Fee


 Transaction Fees

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