Save money with a financial health check

Are you in the best place possible when it comes to your financial health? A financial 'health check' might be just what you need to see how you're positioned financially. A good place to start is by examining what your current financial and services providers are charging and offering you. By doing this you’ll be able to set a clear picture of your current situation – a must when it comes to comparing other services and products in the market.

With so many areas to find savings, we’ve put together an initial list of financial and service products you may like to consider in your financial health check.

  1. Credit card fees and interest
  2. Personal loan fees and interest
  3. Home loan fees and interest
  4. Car loan fees and interest
  5. Car insurance
  6. House insurance
  7. Health insurance
  8. Other insurance (such as life)
  9. Phone connection and plans
  10. Internet connection and plans
  11. Entertainment subscriptions such as Netflix or Spotify
  12. Electricity plans

Once you have examined these areas and made changes where you see fit, you can then look at other areas in your household expenditure to save money. After a bit of inspiration? We teamed up with the University of Technology Sydney to find out how much Australians are saving by switching things like their home loan, grocery supplier and phone plans. The opportunity for saving might surprise you!   

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