SMS Account Enquiries

Accessible under the Settings menu - Notifications Settings.

Send certain codes via SMS  to Heritage and to receive a response on your mobile.

Using this function you are able to enquire on certain aspects of your accounts. For instance you can SMS in BAL S1 and receive the balance of your S1 account.

To establish SMS Account Enquiries on your membership you will need to proceed to the Notifications Settings page and tick the checkbox next to the mobiles you wish to be enabled to perform SMS Accounts Enquiries.

Note: You can only enable SMS Account Enquiries for a mobile on one membership. For example if you have two memberships and have the same mobile number on each membership, then you can only link that mobile to one of the memberships for SMS Account Enquiries. You can still use the same mobile on both memberships for SMS Security and SMS Alerts

For more detailed information, including SMS codes and fees, navigate to the SMS Services section of the Heritage website.