Notifications Settings

Accessible under the Settings menu.

Set up various SMS and/or Email alerts to be sent to you when specific actions occur relating to your membership.

Personal information Security Notifications

From 18 September 2019, all members will receive security notifications via email or SMS when changes are made to their contact details. The notifications are a security measure to help keep your information and finances safe. You will receive a security notification if changes are made to any of the following:

  • Residential address
  • Mobile number
  • Phone number
  • Email address.

You can opt out of the service by phoning 13 14 22, or visiting a branch. However, it is recommended to leave notifications on to help keep your accounts and personal details as safe as possible. 

Email Addresses

Your email addresses are listed here for reference.

SMS Settings

Here you can add an alias for your mobile phone (making it easier to identify) and to indicate if you would like to enable it to receive SMS Alerts.

Note: If you have multiple mobiles under your membership and enable all of them, they will each receive a copy of any particular SMS Alert that is generated. 


SMS Alert Settings

Here you can select the account to be charged for any SMS fees and indicate when you want to receive SMSs.

Transaction Alerts

The next section on the page allows you to:

  • Nominate the specific alerts you would like to receive
  • Nominate the medium you would like to receive them on (SMS and/or Email)
  •  Nominate dollar values where required.

Note: Some alerts require a minimum dollar value to be specified. 

The final alert option is to nominate to receive an alert when the balance of your account drops below a specified 'available balance'. 

Finally, you are required to use an One Time Password to authorise the changes as they impact the usage of your mobile phone.