Linked Members

Heritage Online Help Centre

Accessible under the Settings menu.

Use this function to 'switch' between multiple memberships via Heritage Online, rather logging out of one and then logging in to another.

In order to set up a linked member perform the following steps:

  • Login to your first membership (Member A)
  • Select the Create Member Links from the Settings menu
  • Enter in the member number (which we will call Member B) you wish to establish a link to and then enter Member B's password to establish the link.

In order to switch between memberships just select the membership from the drop down menu located under your membership name to the right of screen.

Once you have switched from Member A to Member B you can Switch Back by clicking that button located under Member B's membership name to the right of screen.

You can also establish a link from Member B to Member A using the above steps.

Note: The links will remain in place so long as the password of the 'linked-to' member does not change. If it does change you will need to 're-establish' the link (this is a security precaution).

You can delete a link from either side at any time by selecting Manage Member Links under the Services menu.