Frequently Asked Questions

If you suspect someone has stolen your identify, please take the following steps:

  1. Immediately inform your local police services police, giving them as much information as possible. In Queensland, you can get more information about this through their web site.
  2. Please contact us as well as your other financial institutions and credit providers immediately. Ask them for assistance in managing and resolving the issue with any accounts held with them.
  3. Maintain records of your conversations and correspondence with parties you contact about the matter for future reference.
  4. Check that no-one has fraudulently established lines of credit in your name.
  5. Request the reset of any code/passwords, including phone and internet banking services. Ensure we have your correct address and other contact details.
  6. Notify the two main credit reporting agencies, Equifax Pty Ltd and Dun & Bradstreet Credit Bureau to obtain copies of your credit reports and advise them of your concerns. Both have specific services around dealing with fraud and identify theft. Arrange for a copy of your credit file from both agencies and review this for any fraudulent activity such as payment defaults that you have not incurred, or credit enquiries about fraudulent credit applications. Obtain new reports again a few months later to further check entries against fraud. Request that any information on the file relating to fraud be removed through the agencies’ resolution services.
  7. If you think your regular postal address has been compromised, arrange a new one- such as a PO Box.
  8. Be particularly alert to the details of your financial transactions. Continue to monitor your account statements, mail and bills for any irregular activity. Immediately alert the relevant credit provider(s) of any further fraudulent activity.
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