Mobile Banking FAQs

What is the Heritage Mobile Banking App?

Our Mobile Banking App has been designed to allow access to your accounts while you are out and about and on the go.

Although it does not provide every feature available in the standard Heritage Online internet banking site, it does allow you to view your accounts, manage your cards, list recent transactions, perform transfers to new and existing payees and make BPAY® payments.

Our Mobile Banking App also supports NPP Faster Payments and PayID. This means that you can transfer money in near real-time to other participating Financial Institutions. You can also pay to someone's email address or phone number (if they have PayID set up).

Our Mobile Banking App is available on iPhone, iPads and Android devices.If you require full functionality access, you can log in to Heritage Online on your mobile device with internet access and a secure browser.

Do I need to register to use the Heritage Mobile Banking App?

You need to be registered for Heritage Online. Once registered you can start using the Heritage Mobile Banking App immediately with your existing member number and password.

Is using Heritage Mobile Banking secure?

The Heritage Mobile Banking App includes a number of security layers. You can learn more about our security features on our Online Security page.

Why can I only view up to 100 transactions on my accounts?

Heritage Mobile Banking has been designed to be quick and simple to use when you are out and about. Please use Heritage Online for viewing more historical transactions.

When viewing my transactions, why can’t I see a running balance of the account?

The running balance of your accounts has not been included in Heritage Mobile Banking to allow more effective use of the limited  space on mobile devices with a small screen.

Can I perform a transfer to a new Heritage or inter-bank payee in the App?

Yes! Adding a new Heritage or inter-bank payee in our Mobile Banking App is easy. Make sure your device is authenticated before getting started.

  1. Go to Move Money on the home screen or in the ☰ menu.
  2. Select your from account.
  3. Click on the Someone New button and select the type of payee you wish to add.
  4. Input your payee's account details and check they are correct. Press continue. 
  5. Complete the transfer as normal.

Can I schedule transfers/BPAYs to happen in the future?

No. Please logon to Heritage Online to schedule transfers or payments.

Can I view Visa Authorisations made using my Visa card?


Can I delete an existing payee?

Yes.  When making a payment, select My Payees.

If using an Apple device, swipe from right to left to delete your selected payee.

If using an Android device, hold your finger on the payee to delete your selected payee.

Can I switch to other memberships I have?

Yes. Provided you have linked your memberships in Heritage Online, you'll be able to switch between them in the Mobile Banking App. Go to the  ☰ menu and select switch. 

How do I increase my transfer limits?

You can increase your daily account transfer and BPAY® limits by contacting us on 13 14 22.

If you'd like to decrease your daily account transfer limits, you can do this yourself when logged into Heritage Online

How do I set up fingerprint or FaceID log in?

If your device is enabled with the functionality go to settings to enable. 

To protect your security we recommend that you only load your own fingerprint or face onto your device so that you are the only person who can access your Mobile Banking. 

I don’t recognise a purchase?

From the transaction listing for your account, tap on the red arrow.

This will display further transaction details on certain types of transactions. 

If you are still not sure, please contact us to find out more. 

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