Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mobile Banking App Card Manage Cards feature?

The Manage Cards feature on the Mobile Banking App allows you to view all active cards associated with your membership and access handy features including:

Activate a card

Activate your new Visa Debit or Credit Card and get spending.

Cancel or place a card on hold

Misplaced card: Place a temporary hold on a misplaced card. Once you locate the card, you can unlock it. Existing recurring/pending payments will not be affected

Lost or stolen card: Cancel your card if it is lost or stolen

Damaged card: If your card is not working, you can report it as damaged and a new one will be ordered for you.

Block/unblock online, international in-store or all card payments

All card payments:  Choose to block all card payments.  Existing recurring/pending payments will not be affected

Online payments:  Choose to block transactions being performed online.  Existing recurring/pending payments will not be affected

International in-store purchases: Choose to block in-store international transactions if you're not travelling overseas. Existing recurring/pending/internet/Australian in-store payments will not be affected

Order a card

When you cancel or report a damaged card, a new card will be ordered for you automatically. If you've never had a card and wish to order one, contact us on 13 14 22.

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