How to negotiate like a pro

So, you’ve found a property you love and want to make an offer. Here's four inside tips on how to negotiate like a pro.

 So, you’ve found a property you love and want to make an offer. It’s not every day we buy property and this can make it an overwhelming and confusing process – especially if you’ve fallen in love with the property. Here's four inside tips on how to negotiate like a pro:

1. Do your homework

Before you start the negotiation process make sure you know where you sit and what your limits are financially. Having preapproval for an amount of money can give you confidence to go into bat confidently and walk away when necessary. Ask our lenders for a breakdown of repayment amounts for different price points. This will give you an idea on what you can afford to offer.

If the property needs work make sure you take this into consideration when making an offer.

2. The only way is up

Make an offer based on the best outcome for you – offer the price you want to pay and ask for the conditions you are comfortable with. The only way from here (with regards to price) is up once negotiations begin so make sure you don’t start the process out of your own depth.

3. If you are competing with other buyers do not play around

While it’s important to start with an offer based on the best outcome for you – it’s also important you don’t miss out on a property you love altogether because you’ve over-complicated conditions or offered less than the property is worth. Make sure you let the agent know whether you are flexible with conditions so the offer is not rejected based on things you’re happy to change such as settlement dates.

4. Don't get personal

Buying and selling property is a business. It’s easy to get caught up with the emotion of purchasing a property – it’s a place to call home for you and your family and it’s one of the biggest purchases you will ever make. However, it’s also important not to take rejection personally – be prepared to walk away from a property if the price isn’t right. There will always be another property.

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