5 ways to keep your home safe this holiday season

Keep your family safe this holiday season with these 5 easy tips.

While the holiday season is a time for relaxing and spending time with family and friends,it can also be a time when thieves target homes. While it's important to insure your home and it's contents are insured, there are a number of things you can do to help prevent thieves from breaking into your home.

1. Keep clear sight between the road and your front door

If the yard around your house is looking a little bit like a jungle it might be time to give it a good prune. Keeping a clear line of sight from the road to your front door will deter potential burglars from loitering and attempting a break in.

2. Lock your house up

This one sounds like a no-brainer. However, many break-ins are caused by opportunistic thieves taking advantage of unlocked homes. Even if you’re just ducking off to the local shops, it’s important to lock all windows and doors before leaving. If you’re not sure which locks are best contact your local locksmith.

3. Lock all potential break in tools away

Keep all your tools under lock and key as items such as hammers and steel rods can be used by burglars to break in. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reports that 60% of break-ins show signs of damage being made to doors or windows. For extra security you might like to install sensor lights near your shed or garage to deter potential snoops.

4. Keep track of your keys

Keeping a spare key hidden around your home can be a potential risk if somebody is snooping around. Also, think about whether or not you are comfortable lending keys to tradespeople or others throughout the year as this can potentially mean your keys end up in the hands of somebody who you don’t trust. 

5. Make friends with your neighbours

Being friendly with your neighbours is the best way to have an extra set or two of eyes looking out for your home. If you’re heading away on holiday ask your neighbour to do little things around your home such as bring in the mail – this will to ensure your house doesn’t stand out as unoccupied.

Make sure you're covered

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