Terms & Conditions

Heritage MobilePay

  1. Introduction

    Heritage MobilePay is designed for Androidâ„¢ Kit Kat 4.4® or later Android phones, offering a fast, simple and convenient payWave transaction experience using your mobile phone.

    The functionality is available to Heritage customers who have a Visa Debit or Visa credit card account attached to their account.

    You can even check your available account balance.

    You must only use Heritage MobilePay with a compatible device. You can install and register Heritage MobilePay on to a single device.

    These terms and conditions govern the use of Heritage MobilePay, together with the relevant Heritage Guides for your account used in connection with Heritage MobilePay.

  2. Heritage MobilePay

    Allows you to use your phone to make payments at any merchant that accepts contactless transactions.

    1. You will need to set up the functionality on your device (see list of supported devices)
    2. You will be required to set up a virtual card number on your device, if you have more than one card on your account you will only be able to set up one card.
    3. The virtual card will be linked to your selected "credit" nominated account
    4. d. Once you set up Heritage MobilePay on your device, you can turn it on and off from within the app
      1. If set to "off" any attempted Heritage MobilePay transactions will be declined by the merchant terminal (other than some terminals which do not require authorisation).
      2. If set to "on" you can make purchases up to $100 or other limits set by the merchant by taping the back of the device against a contactless reader.
      3. If you make a payment of over $100 you will be required to enter your PIN.
      4. Please note while set to "on" payWave will work even if the app is closed (so long as the phone is not locked, asleep or off).
  3. General

    Heritage MobilePay transactions have the daily limits of your relevant account type your card is linked. Please refer to the Heritage Guides issued with your product for further information. The Heritage Guides can be found at www.heritage.com.au/Fees-and-Conditions.aspx.

  4. PIN

    When you register for Heritage MobilePay you are required to set up a PIN on your virtual card.

    4.1 How to protect your PIN.

    1. You should always:
      • not select a PIN which someone could easily guess, particularly a code which represents your date of birth or a recognisable part of your name;
      • memorise the PIN;
      • not record or indicate the PIN on any item that you use to access your account, such as your phone, or on any item kept with or near that item;
      • take reasonable steps to disguise the PIN or prevent unauthorised access to the PIN if it is recorded on any item kept with or near a related phone;
      • not keep the PIN in a way that makes it liable to loss or theft with a related phone;
      • not tell anyone (even Heritage staff or family members) the PIN;
      • not allow anyone (even Heritage staff or family members) to see you or them entering the PIN; and
      • not act with extreme carelessness in failing to protect the security of the PIN.
    2. Other things you must never do:
      • allow another person to use your phone to make purchases;
      • leave your phone unattended; and
      • use Heritage MobilePay with a non-compatible device.
  5. Other things you must know

    5.1 Using the mobile payment app on more than one device

    1. You can only install and register Heritage MobilePay on a single Android device with one compatible visa card.
    2. If you are no longer in possession of your registered device, you should remove Heritage MobilePay from your device using the list from the settings menu or by calling Heritage on 13 14 22.
  6. 5.2 Your account balance

    1. When you check your account balance, this will be your available balance which may include cheques waiting for clearance.

    5.3 Fees

    1. Any fees and charges that apply to your accounts accessible via Heritage MobilePay will continue to apply to transactions made using the App.
    2. You may incur charges from your mobile service provider for downloading and using Heritage MobilePay.
    3. You may also be charged fees or charges by merchants for using the facility.
  7. Using your location data

    1. If you grant Heritage MobilePay permission to use your Android device location information, we will log this location information for security purposes and to enable to use Heritage MobilePay functionality where location information is required.
  8. Suspension or termination

    1. We may suspend or terminate your use of Heritage MobilePay without notice at any time and without responsibility for any loss which you suffer as a result.
    2. We may place and maintain a freeze on your account, or a hold on funds in your account. E.g. if we suspect unlawful or unauthorised transactions have occurred or that the app is being misused.
    3. You can cancel Heritage MobilePay at any time by removing the App from your device.
  9. Disclosures

    1. You agree that we may disclose your details to the recipient of the funds to aid them in identifying the transaction.
    2. By opening an account with us you consent to the collection, use, disclosure and handling of your personal information as contemplated by Heritage's Privacy Policy and Privacy Commitment. Our privacy policy can be accessed on our website at www.heritage.com.au by clicking on the 'Privacy Policy' link at the bottom of the page.
  10. Changes to these Terms and Conditions

    1. We may change these Terms and Conditions at any time.
    2. To obtain the latest version of the Terms and Conditions contact Heritage on 13 14 22.
  11. Liabilities

    10.1 Responsibility for certain breaches

    1. You and not Heritage are responsible for the consequences, including any resulting loss or expense, if you:
      1. use or transact on your account;
      2. breach these terms and conditions;
      3. act negligently or fraudulently;
      4. initiate a transaction that is dishonoured, returned or cannot be processed; or
      5. breach any law or legal obligation.
  12. 10.2 Responsibility for problems including those outside our control

    1. You agree that you and not Heritage are responsible for the consequences, including any resulting loss or expense, if:
      1. you make any error when entering data;
      2. the App is unavailable because of the failure of a communication network or ancillary equipment not controlled or provided by Heritage;
      3. there is a failure or error in your own hardware or software used to access the App;
      4. there is a corruption of data or error to or with your hardware while you are using the App; and
      5. a merchant refuses to accept or allow a cardholder to use Heritage MobilePay, charges a different price when Heritage MobilePay is used to make payment for goods or services or charges a fee.
    2. If you use the App to obtain cash, you are responsible for the safety of the cash.
    3. You also agree that you and not Heritage are responsible for the consequences, including any resulting loss or expense, if something else occurs which was beyond our reasonable control.

    10.3 Liability for malfunctions

    1. Heritage is responsible to you for loss caused by a failure of Heritage's electronic funds transfer system or equipment to complete a transaction accepted by the system or equipment. However, if you should have been aware at the time of the transaction that the system or equipment was unavailable for use or malfunctioning, our liability will be limited to correcting any errors in your account and refunding any fees and charges imposed as a result.

    10.4 ePayments Code

    1. Transactions conducted on Heritage Mobile Payments are covered by the ePayments Code. We warrant that we comply with the ePayments Code wherever that code applies.
    2. Your responsibility for an unauthorised transaction will be limited if the ePayments Code applies per section 10.5 of these terms and conditions.

    10.5 Responsibility for unauthorised transactions

    1. An unauthorised transaction is a transaction which is not authorised by you. Therefore, a transaction carried out by you or a cardholder or signatory is not an unauthorised transaction.
    2. Heritage will treat any transaction carried out by a cardholder or signatory as authorised by you unless, before the transaction, you have instructed us to cancel that cardholder's or signatory's right to transact on your account and any card held by them is destroyed.
  13. Acknowledgement and compliance

    1. You promise us that you will not breach any Anti- Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) laws in relation to your account, and nor will any signatory or cardholder.
    2. You agree that if anything that you or a cardholder or signatory do in relation to your account exposes us to a liability under AML/CTF laws, you will satisfy that liability.
    3. Heritage Bank applications are only available for use by Heritage Bank customers. Internet connection is needed to access the Heritage Mobile Banking app. Data usage charges may apply.
  14. For further terms and conditions that may apply to your account a please refer to our Guide to Heritage Deposit Products or Guide to Credit Card Products at https://www.heritage.com.au/Fees-and-Conditions.aspx. Apple is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

  15. Glossary

    Compatible android /device/phone Android devices that meet the requirements listed on www.heritage.com.au
    Heritage Guides Guide to Heritage Deposit Products, Guide to Heritage Credit Card Products
    Heritage MobilePay/the App The app service to allow for payWave transactions
    Heritage App The Heritage Bank mobile phone App
    payWave contactless payments functionality by which you can 'tap' your phone at contactless terminals to pay for goods and services
    PIN A Personal Identification Number which can be used with a card to make transactions at ATMs and electronic terminals
    We/us/our Heritage Bank Limited ABN 32 087 652 024
    You/your The person or persons downloading and using Heritage MobilePay including a signatory or cardholder on your account. If there are two or more of you on the account, it refers to each of you separately as well as to you jointly.

    By clicking you agree to these Heritage MobilePay terms and conditions.