3 costs to consider when purchasing a car

When purchasing a car there are a number of things you'll need in order to keep the car running. Here's 3 costs you'll need to consider.

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When purchasing a car there are a number of things you’ll need to consider in order to keep the car running – each of which will come at a cost. For a an estimate of the costs associated with your dream car check out our fun car loan calculator. To help you out we’ve explained three of the main costs you might like to consider when purchasing a car:

1. Upkeep

Keeping your car safe and drivable is essential and will cost you money. Upkeep costs include general servicing, tyres, cleaning and replacement of worn parts. The type of car you purchase will have an effect on the amount it costs you on upkeep. For example, many European car parts will generally cost more than those made in Asia or Australia.

2. Fuel

How much you spend on fuel will depend on how far you travel and what kind of car you have. Our car loan calculator helps you to estimate how much it will cost you to fill it up at the servo.

3. Insurance

Compulsory third party insurance is just as its name suggests – compulsory. Insurance requirements are different for each state and territory so it’s best to visit your local traffic authority website to find out what’s needed. Additional types of insurance include third party property damage and comprehensive insurance. For more information about our particular car insurance products go to our motor vehicle insurance page. To help you decide on what kind of insurance you need it might help to ask yourself these questions:
  • Is my car likely to be involved in theft?
  • Will I be able to get around if my car is stolen or written off?
  • If I crash into a luxury car will I be able to afford the repairs?

Another consideration you’ll need to make is how you are going to finance your car. Heritage offers a great car loan product which can help you get behind the wheel of your dream vehicle sooner rather than later. Visit your local branch or phone 13 14 22 today.

What other things will you consider before purchasing your next car? Share your thoughts below!

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