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Keeping your car roadworthy

 Staying safe on the road means keeping your car roadworthy. Here are a number of things you can do this weekend to help ensure your car is given the attention it needs to be on the road.

1. Tyres

Your tyres must be in good condition to ensure you are travelling safely on the road. Worn or damaged tyres can affect the amount of grip they have to the road, making it less safe to drive. In order for your car to pass a roadworthy test, the tyres must be in good condition (including the sidewalls), and have adequate tread and air pressure. Having the correct amount of air in your tyres will also help your car to run more economically.

2. Vehicle fluids

You should regularly check your vehicle for fluid leaks. Leaks may cause levels to drop in your coolant, engine oil, transmission or brake fluid. This can cause a number of problems, including damage to your engine or a breakdown - compromising safety. If you see significant drops in fluid levels this could be a sign of bigger problems, such as a leaking radiator or a problem with the brakes.

3. Lights and horn

When was the last time you used your horn? If it’s been a while between toots it would be worth checking to make sure it’s in working order. Lights are essential for everyday driving so it’s important you spend a little bit of time checking over them every now and then. Ask a friend to help you and make sure all lights are working correctly – including headlights, front and rear parking lights, blinkers, brake lights, reversing lights and number plate lights.

4. Windscreen, wipers and washers

Your windscreen should be free of any damage including chips, cracks, scratches and discolouration. Keep a close eye on the area in front of the driver. If you do find damage you should consider talking to a windscreen expert for advice. It’s also important to make sure your windscreen wipers and washers are all working correctly to maximise driver vision.
If you’re unsure about anything or need help make sure you talk to a professional mechanic, who will be able to help you ensure your car is roadworthy.

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