Self-Managed Super Fund - Fully Drawn Loan

We can help you borrow funds to purchase an investment property with your Self-Managed Super Fund.    

  • Can be used to purchase investment property, on commercial terms, including residential, commercial and rural property types
  • Variable or fixed interest rate options available upon application
  • Preferred minimum loan amount $250,000
  • Loan terms up to 25 years available against residential security and up to 15 years against commercial and rural security types
  • Maximum loan to valuation ratio is 80% for residential property, 65% for commercial property and 50% for rural property
  • Application, legal and associated fees determined upon application
  • Principal and interest, or interest-only, paid monthly in arrears with repayment options available
  • SMSF Trustee must be a Company and separate from the Property Trustee
  • Property Trustee must be a company and separate from the SMSF Trustee

Monthly Fee $20
Application, legal and associated fees Available upon application

Interest Rate
Variable - Residential Security
Variable - Non-residential Security
1 Year Fixed - Residential Security
1 Year Fixed - Non-residential Security
2 Years Fixed - Residential Security
2 Years Fixed - Non-residential Security
3 Years Fixed - Residential Security
3 Years Fixed -Non-residential Security
4 Years Fixed - Residential Security
4 Years Fixed - Non-residential Security
5 Years Fixed - Residential Security
5 Years Fixed - Non-residential Security
Rates Effective From 01/04/2020
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