Money in Minutes


Looking for a fast, easy and reliable way to send money overseas? Then Money in Minutes could be for you! This Western Union service allows you to send cash all over the world, with funds available for collection within minutes.



The service fee depends on the destination country and the amount sent. Branch staff will be able to tell you the fee before the transaction is completed.
The money can be collected at any Western Union agent location in the destination country. Visit or free call 1800 501 500 to locate the nearest agent location to the receiver.
The receiver will not be charged a fee to collect the money transfer funds. The sender pays the transfer fee, when they send the money. However, in some destination countries, a tax may be payable when the receiver collects the transfer.
  • A government issued photo ID (eg passport, driver's licence, proof of age card); you may also be required to present additional documents1.
  • The country the money is being sent to.
  • The name and residential address of the receiver.
  • A Heritage transaction account that the money will be transferred out of.
To find out more visit your nearest branch or phone 13 14 22.
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