Business Visa Credit Card

Our Business Credit Card gives business owners access to a credit card facility and the option of having multiple credit cards. 


  • Business credit cards can be issued to business owners and their employees to pay for monthly fuel, accommodation and other business expenses
  • Allows personal and business expenses to be kept separate
  • Convenience to take care of business expenses without having to carry cheques and petty cash
  • Individual monthly spend limits are set by the business owner
  • Up to 40 days interest free on your Visa purchases*
  • Multiple credit cards are issued under one overall approved limit, but each card has an individual spend limit

More Features

  • Business credit card facility limit starting from $1000
  • Minimum individual card limit of $500
  • Available with or without security, subject to certain amounts and lending criteria
  • Monthly repayments at 3% of balance or $30, whichever is greater ‡
Mozo People's Choice Awards 2022

Interest Rate
Business Visa Secured - Purchases and Cash Advances
Business Visa Unsecured - Purchases and Cash Advances
Interest Rate
Rates Effective From 04/08/2020
Business Payment Tools
Improve the day-to-day efficiency of your business with our wide range of business and payment tools, including MINT merchant facilities.

Annual fee $45 per card
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