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Latest Financial Updates

Our First Half Year Update

In this update, hear from our CEO Peter Lock and Chief Financial Officer Paul Williams about our financial performance during the first half of the 2021 financial year, the challenges we've been facing with COVID-19 and our outlook for the financial year.


Heritage Bank Limited is a mutual bank that is incorporated and domiciled in Australia. Highlights of our half-year financial performance to 31 December 2020 are:

  • After tax profit of $23.2 million 
  • Funded loans in the period of $1.064 billion 
  • Total consolidated assets at 31 December 2020 was $11.354 billion – the first time above $11 billion in our 145 year history 
  • $1.105 billion increase in retail deposits in the period
Heritage Bank People first
Financial Report 2019-2020

Read the complete 2019-2020 Financial Report including our Director's Report, Financial Statements and Independent Auditor's Report.

Financial Performance
Our Policies

We operate under a constitution and recognise the importance of embedding sustainable and ethical business practices in our operations. 
Environmental, Social and Governance Policy
We have a responsibility to be guardians of our members' financial futures and our commitment to this is outlined in our ESG Policy.
Heritage operates under a constitution. View our constitution to learn more about how we operate.
Whistleblowers Protection Policy
We place great importance on fostering a culture that encourages staff and others to speak up about issues and conduct that concern them.
Annual General Meeting

We invite our members to attend our Annual General Meeting (AGM), to hear firsthand about our performance and future plans for the Bank. At these meetings, members have the opportunity to raise matters with the Board of Heritage and ask questions of our current external auditor regarding the Auditor's Report. The AGM is generally held in October each year and announced here prior to the event.

The 2020 Annual General Meeting was held on October 28, 2020.

Member Commitment

We support our members, and their wider communities, by making a positive difference through a diverse range of community and charitable initiatives.
Member Report 2019-2020
Read our latest Member Report, with updates from our CEO and Chairman and information on our newly created Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework. 
Member Charter
At Heritage, we make banking a force for good. What motivates us isn’t how much profit we can make, it’s about making people’s lives better. Our Member Charter outlines our commitment to our Heritage members.
Customer Owned Banking

Heritage Bank is owned by our customers, not shareholders. So instead of pursuing massive profits, our focus is on putting People First. 
The customer-owned advantage

"Rather than seeking massive profits, our goal is to give customers a better overall deal."

Heritage Bank Member Report 2019/20, page 17