Graffiti artists paint murals to spread Heritage Bank strategy messages

Corporate strategy and graffiti art don’t normally go together – except at Heritage Bank ...

Corporate strategy and graffiti art don’t normally go together – except at Heritage Bank, which has let local street artists loose on internal walls to help spread key strategic messages.


Heritage Bank has just launched a revamped corporate strategic plan, complete with a new vision, mission and core goals.


Heritage used traditional mechanisms - such as presentations, booklets and posters – to communicate the new messages.


But the bank also looked for a catchier way to ensure its people engaged with the changes.


That’s where local street art collective Kontraband Studios came in.


Kontraband are the driving force behind the First Coast festival in Toowoomba, which has seen the walls of buildings across the city adorned with huge street art murals in recent years, turning the regional centre into Australia’s largest open air art gallery.


Heritage Bank CEO Peter Lock said, “The street art murals are magnificent, with huge impact and appeal. That’s exactly what we wanted for our strategic messaging as well.


“That’s why we commissioned Kontraband to have their street artists come into the Heritage Head Office building and paint murals across our internal walls with their take on our strategic messages.


“The result has been outstanding. The designs they came up with are bright, colorful and engaging, with a street art edge and feel.


“They shine a massive spotlight on our key messages, such as our vision of being passionate about helping people, and our mission of delivering a great customer experience every time.

“Heritage is a modern and progressive organisation, with a twinkle in our eye and a willingness to be different, and having these artworks on our walls certainly reflects that.”


Kontraband coordinator Grace Dewar said working on the project was an interesting challenge.


“It was great to see Heritage having these artworks done just for their staff,” she said.


“Our brief was to brighten the space and make it more colourful and fun to work in, while also getting across those important strategic messages.


“That gave it a duality which was really interesting to work with.”


The work of the Kontraband artists can be found on internal walls across five floors of the Heritage Head Office building in Ruthven Street, in Toowoomba’s CBD.



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