Kalbar couple win $20,000 dream holiday thanks to Heritage and Allianz

A lucky Kalbar couple has won a $20,000 dream holiday in the United States thanks to Heritage Bank and Allianz Insurance.

17 April 2015

A lucky Kalbar couple has won a $20,000 dream holiday in the United States thanks to Heritage Bank and Allianz Insurance.

Ros and Bob Weaver were among 200,000 entrants in the competition, which was open to people who took out Allianz insurance policies from one of 50 banks and other financial institutions across Australia in February and March this year.

Ros qualified for the competition when she took out two Allianz motor vehicle insurance policies from Heritage Bank in March.

The win was a huge pick-me-up for Ros, who has been battling ill-health for some time.

“It was just amazing. I still can’t believe it. You never expect something like this to happen to you,” Ros said.

“It was a huge surprise but a very pleasant one.”

In fact, the win was such a surprise that Ros at first didn’t know whether to believe the news in the initial phone call she received.

“I was skeptical about it. I really wasn’t sure whether it was legitimate or not,” she said.

It wasn’t until representatives from Heritage Bank and Allianz arrived at her Kalbar home this week to make the official presentation that she knew it was all above board – and that it was time to celebrate!

The prize pack is a week’s holiday in Los Angeles for four people, including flights, accommodation, transfers, a 3-day pass to Disneyland, a 1-day pass to Universal Studios, plus $1000 spending money. The total value is more than $20,000.

Ros was absolutely thrilled to win the prize but it did create one dilemma – who would accompany her and husband Bob on the trip.

With three daughters and a son in the family, and only two spare tickets, it was an agonising choice. In the end, it came down to a very democratic process.

“We had to get our neighbour to flip a coin. That’s the only way we could decide,” Ros said.

The lucky siblings were daughters Angela and Michelle, who are equally excited about the prospect of the trip.

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