EKKA - Royal Queensland Show

Due to COVID restrictions, the 2021 EKKA was cancelled.

How were we helping?

Queensland’s most iconic event, The Royal Queensland Show (EKKA) was set to return in 2021 to showcase the best of Queensland by bringing the country and city together in the state’s largest and most loved annual event for a true celebration of agriculture.

However, due to COVID restrictions the event was cancelled in the best interests of public health.

In 2021, Heritage Bank had plans to back the unsung heroes of the event by supporting the people who make it all possible; the volunteers and stewards. Unfortunately, with the sudden cancellation of the event, the countless hours of work already put in by the volunteers and stewards will no longer be fulfilled and witnessed at the event. However, we stand by our commitment to supporting our unsung heroes and will work with the EKKA team to ensure they are supported and acknowledged.

We also planned to support the EKKA’s entertainment program, Music on the Move. This program provides a platform for over 20 school groups to showcase their hard work through roving band performances at the EKKA.

How were we helping?
2021 EKKA
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