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Shop online faster

Visa Checkout

Learn about the easy, worry-free way to shop online without re-entering your card number.

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Create your own card

Choose Your Own Card

Personalise your card with Heritage’s unique Choose Your Own Card service.

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Visa Debit Card

payWave Visa Debit

For people who like the convenience of credit cards, but prefer to use their own money where EFTPOS isn’t available - over the phone, online or overseas.

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Verified By Visa

Get added assurance when shopping online. Verified by Visa is a service that lets you use a personal password with your Heritage Visa card.

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Security & Privacy

We take the ongoing trust that you place in us to protect your personal information very seriously.

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Freedom Visa

At Heritage, we understand some people want a credit card they can use for small, everyday purchases, but not big ticket items. That’s why we introduced a card with a $500 limit.

  • There is no annual fee on this credit card for the first 12 months. Just another way Heritage puts People first
  • After the first year, the annual fee will be $18.00 per annum
  • After the first year, annual fee is waived if Visa purchases exceed $10,000 during the year up to the anniversary date

To approved applicants only. Fees, charges and conditions apply.